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When you are working on your latest project, there are many tools that can improve the process to allow your creativity to flow. From simple graphic conversion utilities and image viewers to commercial software packages, our list of Layout & Design software is a good starting place for helping you create a masterpiece.


  • EZ-Pix
    EZ-Pix is a complete image browsing solution. It offers thumbnail display, printing and exporting, ability to assign text descriptions to images, and support for all common image formats, such as jpg, gif, Animated GIF, bmp, png, tif etc.

  • MegaView
    MegaView comes from the same people that made Ez-Pix. It features enhanced multimedia and file management capabilities.

  • Paint Shop Pro
    Paint Shop Pro is a critically-acclaimed graphics editor for the PC. It works with over 40 different file formats and comes with a wide range of tools and filters to achieve the look you want.


  • GraphicConverter
    If you're unable to pay the price for Adobe Photoshop, you'll want to check out GraphicConverter. This is a very powerful graphics editor, and allows you to work with almost every graphics format available. Its batch conversion feature allows you to convert multiple files from one format to another.

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